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Omri Emile Rosengart is a photographer born in Paris, France, and currently working and living in Paris & Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Rosengart graduated from the Paris College of Art with a Masters Degree in Fashion, Film & Photography, where he remains adjunct faculty. He works on the turf of advertising, fine art and fashion. His affiliation with modeling and creative direction are apparent in his photography, working with brands such as Carolina Lemke Berlin, Lee Cooper, Nine West, and Pieds Nus Paris, among others. Influenced by both old masters and contemporary artists, Rosengart’s lens combines storytelling with aesthetics.

 He explores all shapes and forms in fashion, portraiture or product, in an insatiable quest for creating something new.

2015-2018 - Graduated from IDC; BA in communications & videography. 

2016-Professional Photoshop Course, 6B. 

2018 - Continuing Education programs at SVA, New York. 

2019-2020 - Paris College Of Art; Masters in fashion photography and film. 

2022-2023 - Teaching at Paris College of Art - Product Design Workshop & Concept Development & Storytelling. 

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